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Top 20 Performances for 2015 Cincinnati Football: No. 13/14 Ryan Leahy and Deyshawn Bond

The offensive line receives some love as our series continues.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Part of the success to the Bearcats offense is undoubtedly the strength of their offensive line, which is why interior linemen Ryan Leahy and Deyshawn Bond occupy #13 and #14 on this list.

This offensive line blocked for an offense that ranked fifth in the country and were able to protect Gunner Kiel, while creating lanes for Hosey Williams and Tion Green in the run-game. Although Parker Ehringer is considered the best offensive lineman of the bunch, both Leahy and Bond proved to be very reliable, playing in nearly every game (with Bond missing just one), and receiving Second Team AAC honors.

It was Bond's third season with the Bearcats, starting every year. For every year he has been on the line with the Bearcats, they have had a prolific offense, and the quarterback has avoided hitting the turf. In 2013, their running game was the best in the ACC and ranked just outside the top ten nationally. Much of this was due to the line's superior blocking.

In 2014, the offensive line only allowed 16 sacks, which ranked second in the nation. Their offense put up numbers in the process, ranking as a top five offense in the conference.

As for Leahy, he spent 2012 as a redshirt, but has played on the offensive line since 2013. He saw limited action in both 2013 and 2014, starting just four games in 2013 and eight in 2014. However, his playing time has improved as he was a starting guard for the team this year, and fit the role very well.

Interior linemen don't get much credit or put up the gaudy statistics, but both Leahy and Bond have more than done their job to keep Kiel upright and help this offense consistently put up numbers every year.