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From the Video Vault: Memphis Basketball (The Rematch)

Trader Joe's 3:16

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I went down to Memphis once and they've got this restaurant-slash-grocery store-slash-bar called Trader Joe's. Come to find out, they have 'em in Ohio too.

When I entered the front door, there was the faint bean of Arabica bean coffee. I noticed they had a large beer selection. Immediately, I went over and open a can of Dale's Pale Ale. As I was chugging the lukewarm beer, a gentleman in a black hooded sweatshirt said that I couldn't do that.

And so I kicked him in the gut and gave him the old Stone Cold Stunner.

In response, the manager rang the bell three times, indicating my victory. With Mean Gene nowhere insight, I couldn't cut a post-match promo.

So I wandered over to produce and gave Brendan a "Lou Thesz Press." I was on fire.

Anyway, the moral of this story is "the Memphis City Jail has really good mashed potatoes."

The Tigers look pretty good this year. But so do the Bearcats. We are a superior kind of cat.