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From the Video Vault: Be Loud and Be Proud on Thursday Night

Just like you were last October against Miami. #BeatHouston

Nippert Stadium is going to be one loud place on Thursday night.

That's when our Bearcats face off against an outstanding University of Houston Cougars football team.

Tom Herman's Houston Cougars team have earned a place among college football's elite.

Beating an excellent team like Houston will help the University of Cincinnati Bearcats regain some of the esteem they have lost of late in the college football world.

Bearcats fans, particularly the denizens of the Ruckus, must do their part. They must make Nippert Stadium a deafening place on Thursday night. It will energize our Bearcats and help to demoralize the Cougars once they realize that the boys from Cincinnati came ready to play.

If you want an example of how its done, look no further than Nippert Stadium on Thursday night, October 1, 2015 against the Miami Hurricanes. The crowd was a clear factor in the Bearcats' victory.