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Sauce Island is the new Revis Island

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Your Cincinnati Bearcats have provided the salvation to the long snake-bitten New York Jets football team.

At number four, the defense-averse (and frankly offense-averse) New York Jets found a foundational player in Bearcats shutdown corner Sauce Gardner.

Rebuilding around a corner makes complete sense for the Jets. The last thing resembling a Golden Age in Jets history was built around a corner, Darrelle Revis, who may have been the league’s best defensive back for half-decade stretch. Revis was the creator of Revis Island, a space where no wide receiver could make much hay.

Gardner gained the same reputation at Cincinnati as Revis did first at Maryland and later for the New York Jets.

If Gardner can do the same thing for the Robert Saleh’s Jets defense that he did in Cincinnati, he will be one of the league’s signature stars of the 2020s. Here’s hoping that Sauce Island is as much of a thing as Revis Island was a decade ago.