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Atlanta Falcons Hit the Jackpot with Desmond Ridder

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons hit the lottery at pick number 74 with Cincinnati Bearcats great Desmond Ridder.

Atlanta was a particularly enticing landing spot for the Bearcats great. They are certainly in need of a long-term QB with the loss of the steady presence that Matt Ryan provided in the Southeast for more than a decade. Desmond Ridder looks like a great fit for this challenge.

For the last four years, all of Bearcat country has seen Ridder’s capabilities. He could always run and make big plays but over the course of time his decision-making skills and the nuance with which he throws the ball have improved considerably.

Ridder has been the face of the Bearcats program as it has become a national program. He has combined on-field production with a comfort in being the first person people think about when they think about Cincinnati football. I would suggest that Cincinnati becoming a member of the Big 12 would not have happened without the Ridder-driven excellence of the past few years.

Looking forward to seeing Ridder perform in the NFC South this season.