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Jermaine Lawrence Has Mick Cronin Raving

The five star forward from Springfield Gardens, Queens has looked impressive in his first exposure to college basketball. Impressive enough to get Mick Cronin raving, or what counts for raving for Mick Cronin.

"Jermaine’s effort has been great. The physicality is a little different. Jermaine is playing against Justin (Jackson), Titus (Rubles) and Dave (Nyarsuk). He’s playing up in age class and in weight class, but his hustle is tremendous, his attitude is great and he’s easy to coach."

"He’s got to get stronger. I don’t want to mislead people. He’s not Lance Stephenson coming in here at 220 pounds at 6-4. Jermaine Lawrence didn’t play basketball last year (due to an injury). He played three games and he was hurt in the three games. He played with a padded cast on his wrist. He’s got to get comfortable and he’s got to get stronger."

"It’s going to be a process, but he obviously is going to help us a lot. His play is tremendous as far as quickness and his passing for a guy his size. Obviously, we need his finishing around the rim. My goal is to get him to where he’s deadly from 15 feet and in. Right now what you’re looking at with guys is when adversity hits them how do they react? He keeps playing. He keeps fighting. He never gives up and doesn’t hang his head. That’s all I care about right now. The rest will come."

I am gonna go ahead and pencil in Jermaine Lawrence as a starter now.

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