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Kneejerk Reaction - UC Is Not Well

There are certain things you can not do and expect to win Football games. At the top of the list is turning the Football over. Can't happen against bad teams, can't happen against good teams and it certainly can't happen against a team that needs to generate turnovers at almost any cost to give their offense strong scoring chances. But that's what UC did today. They coughed it up three times setting up Syracuse up at the UC 19, 19 and 37. Syracuse converted all three turnovers into points, 17 in total. This defense is very young and inexperienced and turned in a pretty solid performance, but they aren't yet good enough to overcome being put in terrible situations. There isn't much else to be said on the matter. Jones and Co have some decisions to make going into the last four games. A bowl game is out of the question so the question before the staff is whether or not to play with the older guys on the team or play for the future. I am not suggesting benching all the Seniors, but it is time to see what they have with the young guys on the roster. This team is going to need them next year, so its high time to find up what they have now.