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It's Time For Cashmere Wright

Cash came to UC with a lot of recruiting hype. He is the best pure point to sign with UC since Devan Downey and more importantly he potentially has the game to back it up, but in this his third year he has yet to. The fact that "It" hasn't quite happened yet is not entirely his fault. He tore his ACL as a Freshman and last year after taking his red shirt Wright was supposed to be the point guard. Instead Deonta Vaughn and Lance Stephenson took the majority of the ball handling duties for themselves and consigned Wright to a season of playing off the ball as a spot up shooter, which really isn't in his wheelhouse.

Cash is a decent enough shooter, but he is not and never will be a knock down spot up shooter. It's not his skill set and clearly it is not something he is that comfortable doing. The stats do back that up as well.

Attempts Makes Percent
Three Point 70 18 25.7
Field Goals 180 64 35.5

What he is best at, and what he seems most comfortable doing is attacking the rim to create scoring chances for himself and for others, or pulling up when the defense required. Last year he didn't do much of that, Lance and Vaughn took that onus upon their collective selves last year, particularly late in games.

Cash's best game of the year came against Providence, which is the game where he was the most aggressive by some distance. I would like to view that game as a harbinger of things to come with Wright because this team will need that kind of performance on a season long basis to surpass expectations. Not matching the numbers, but overall effectiveness from the point guard position. It sets up nicely because there aren't two guys on the roster right now who have to have the ball in their hands to be effective the way Vaughn and Stephenson did. In theory will have more time on the ball and a little bit more freedom to make things happen for the offense.