Alex Hoffman Down For Louisville

UC will have to face Louisville, which leads the Big East in sacks, on Friday without starting right tackle Alex Hoffman, who injured his knee in the Bearcats’ win over Miami last week. Butch Jones said at his press conference Tuesday that Hoffman would try to practice later in the week to see if he could play against the Cardinals. but it’s been decided that he will not play because of a sprained MCL. The hope is that he can return to play against South Floriday next week. Redshirt freshman Andre Cureton is expected to take Hoffman’s place.

Bill Koch Enquirer

Hoffman is out, which is undoubtedly a blow for UC. He is the best lineman on the team by some margin. Sprained MCL's can be tricky and playing on it six days after it happened was always a long shot. But that is not what really jumped out at me. This is another terrific example of just how shitty Bill Koch is at his job. There is no chance that Andre Cureton is going to start Friday. All it takes to figure that out is paying attention to the game, looking at the participation chart and then a little application of logic.

When Hoffman went down against Miami Sean Hooey took his spot at RT. That's the first thing Bill Koch missed, Cureton played Saturday, but he played because it was a blowout not because he is Hoffman's backup. Bill, just because it says that Cureton is second string RT on the game notes doesn't mean he is the backup, that's not how Butch Jones does things. Hooey is the backup for both tackle positions, has been all season. Now Bill the best way to verify that, and by extension do the job you are payed for, is to go online and look at the participation chart. If you take the time to look at that you will see that Hooey has played in all five games, and Cureton has only played in two, Indiana State and Miami, the only two blowout wins of the year. What are the chances that Jones and Co will start a Red-shirt RT with two career games, and roughly 30 snaps (give or take five) to his name in the first Big East game of the year? Non existent. Thanks Bill for being shitty at your job and causing a caustic overreaction to your non news among UC fans, you stay classy Koch.

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