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Alex Hoffman to Start at Right Tackle.

Finally. CJ Cobb has moved to Hoffman's RG spot where he is a much better fit, physically. Alex Hoffman has All-American potential at guard, less so at tackle. But this is a move that had to be made for the stability of the offensive line for this year. Cobb has been a bit of a disaster manning the tackle spot, and has to have graded out as the worst linemen in each of the games so far. I don't know if Hoffman will stick at right tackle for the rest of the year, it is a possibility, but I don't think it is likely. While Cobb is better suited physically to play guard, but the general lack of awareness and low Football IQ he has displayed this year lead me to think that he will be resigned to a back up role by the end of the year. Sean Hooey is a mountain of a man at 6'9" 297 and is the probable future at OT, he has to get a look at some point this year. What is there to lose? The chance to stabilize one of the tackle spots heading into next year? With a guy who will probably start the last 24 or so games of his career? Whats the harm in that? Assuming that the staff follows the same train of thought Hooey will take the RT at some point and Hoffman will go back to being arguably the best guard in the Big East. That's what you call a win win.