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Things To Look For: Oklahoma

This one will be much briefer than the previous edition for the NC State game. The game will be really simple for UC. If the revamped offensive line with Alex Hoffman taking over for the so far abysmal CJ Cobb at RT does a better job than it has through three games UC can make this interesting. If the line remains a sieve this game will be pretty brutal for the people in Red and Black. On defense, if the run defense remains as stout as it has so far, not yet allowing a 100 yard rusher in 2010. It will make Oklahoma a one dimensional offense. Granted that one dimension, Landry Jones to Ryan Bryoles is very, very good but it makes it an easier offense to defend. Theoretically. The bottom line here, in my opinion Oklahoma is going to have to make a ton of mistakes for UC to have a legitimate shot at the biggest win in school history. If Oklahoma plays a level game it should be a win for them.