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Oklahoma gamethred | First of Two Big Tests

This is the first game in a two game stretch against teams that currently have the look of NCAA Tournament teams. Oklahoma is first with Pittsburgh following up on New Years Day. This Oklahoma game is really intriguing to me because the Sooners are a much improved squad, at least on paper, the stretch of the Big 12 season will tell the real answer to that question.

The Sooners are completely different this year compared with last year. More efficient on offense, playing with more pace, arguably as good on defense. But where the Sooners are really going to test he Bearcats is on the glass with their size advantage over the four guard lineup, somewhat obviously. But almost everyone has had a size advantage in the last four games. What sets Oklahoma apart though is the way that they attack the glass, particularly on the offensive end. This is going to be one of the keys to the game. The Bearcats have to show well on the boards or this game could be 10 different kinds of disheartening. The pregame show kicks of shortly on 700 WLW and the game is being broadcast on ESPNU and ESPN3 if you don't have the U.

Go Bearcats