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Player Profiles | Ge`Lawn Guyn

Ge`Lawn Guyn was one of two freshmen guards to log (relatively) big minutes for the Bearcats during the 2011-12 season. Both return this season, but what roles each will fulfill is up in the air.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

The 2012-13 Cincinnait Bearcats are, on paper, the best team that Cincinnati has fielded in a decade. There is an abundance of talent, and a depth of talent that UC has not really had for years. But there is still a question with this team, albeit a small one in nature.

Cashmere Wright is the Bearcats alpha dog and team leader. He controls the game completely when he is out there, but when he is on the bench the game grinds to a halt. Dion Dixon was forced, for two years, to be the backup PG, with interesting results. This season more than any other the Bearcats need a back up PG, and Ge`Lawn Guyn is one of two options to fill the role.

Guyn is an excellent ball handler, a decent shooter and, perhaps most importantly, a gifted defender. If Guyn can step into, and take ownership, of the role of the back up point guard this team has the potential to be really special. The offense had a tendency to drop off a large cliff, sans Cash. If Guyn, or Jeremiah Davis III, can turn said cliff into, say, a small cliff, the Bearcats could be in store for a really big season.

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