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Player Profiles | David Nyarsuk

The tallest player in UC history will come with lots of expectations, and the athletic ability to do just that.

Yancy Gates was a large man, a large man who casts a long shadow. The biggest question about these Bearcats in the off season, really the only question, was about how Mick Cronin replaces Yancy. The round about answer to that is that you replace Yancy by playing a style that removes the need for a Yancy like clone.

That started last season, and it continues this year. Cronin is committed to being a one in, four out offense. But the options for the "one in" are limited. Cheikh Mbodj and Kelvin Gaines were the only two true posts on the team. Justin Jackson has post height, but he is more of a wing than a post. The options weren't looking good, then David Nyarsuk walked onto campus.

Nyarsuk is immensely tall, obviously, but he is a better athlete than most 7 footers. He covers ground in a hurry, has soft hands, and a decent touch around the basket. The early reports on Nyarsuk are overwhelmingly positive. His size alone makes him a factor on the defensive end and, not to put too fine a point on it, anything the Bearcats get from him is a bonus.

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