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Bearcats Host Rutgers In Big East Showdown

Rutgers comes to Nippert Stadium, which has long been a house of horrors for the Scarlet Knights.


From about Mid September it was pretty clear that the Bearcats season, and championship hopes would come down to the two game series with Louisville and Rutgers. UC missed their first opportunity falling to Louisville. But the Cardinals stumble at Syracuse opens the door back up for the Bearcats.

Now a win against the Scarlet Knights puts the Bearcats back on even footing with Rutgers and Louisville, and thus would go a long way to securing a share of Big East championship number 4 in five seasons. The road is still out there for a an outright Big East crown, and the BCS bid that comes with it. But all roads to championships start with the Rutgers game today.

Rutgers is a good team, but a team that the Cats match up very well with. The Bearcats are imminently capible of winning this game. But all the talk, and all the bluster becomes irrelevant in an hour and a half when the Bearcats kick off.

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