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Marauding Wing Deshaun Morman Commits To The Bearcats.

Mick Cronin and his staff already signed three prospects during the early signing period. Earlier today another talented class of 2013 guard committed to the Bearcats. Deshaun Morman is not officially a Bearcat, and he could wind up being the best of the bunch for this class.

Morman has lived a bit of a nomadic existence for the last three years. He grew up and spent most of his life in Richmond, Virginia. For the first three years of his high school career he attended Meadowbrook High School.* He played Junior Varsity as a Freshman and moved up to Varsity as a sophomore. When his parents separated Morman moved on from Meadowbrook, where he was struggling academically.

* Troy Caupian attends Cosby High School, which is actually part of the same school district, and is located just 15 miles away. Of course this means literally nothing, and is just something that I find interesting because I am a weird guy who spends far too much time on Google maps

His father settled in Washington DC, and when Deshaun came to live with him he chose to attend Coolidge High School in the northern part of the district. In his first year at Coolidge he and friend/AAU teammate Khalen Cumberlander led Coolidge to its first DCIAA title since 1988.

In the process Coolidge knocked off Montrose Christian, a nationally ranked team then led by Justin Anderson, who now plies his trade at Virginia, and current Baylor commit Ishmail Wainright. In that game, which the Colts won 51-49, Morman went off for 28 points, and put himself firmly on the map of the national recruiting scene.

The win over Montrose established Morman's name, but he was going to be moving on once again. Last season Morman was a Junior academically, but considered a senior in terms of athletics. Afterall he played JV as a freshman at Meadowbrook, and then two years of varsity before moving on to Coolidge. The DCIAA used to allow for for fifth years seniors, but a rule change from last August put a stop to the practice.

So Morman was on the move once again, looking for a prep school. He found his place with Faith Baptist Christian School in Brandon, FL in the Tampa Bay area. Around the same time as Morman found a school for this season he set his top two, Cincinnati and Rutgers.

For Morman the coaches proved to provide the margin.

"I picked them because I feel the coaches have been there with me from day 1, and when I toured the campus and watched the team I felt it fit my style of play," Morman said of his verbal commitment. "I think I fit in real well with that style of offense."

Morman will fit in this offense very well because of his versatility in attacking the rim, not to mention his ability to knock down the perimeter jumper with consistency. The number one thing that stands out about Morman though is that he is a freak athlete, and that athleticism means that he probably has the highest ceiling of any of the four Bearcats in this class.

The early signing period ends next Wendsday and that is when Morman is expected to sign. With Morman making four the Bearcats class is officially full for the moment. That can change though. The Bearcats are still going hard after Jermaine Lawrence, a top-15 recruit nationally, and one of the best Power Forwards in the country. The Bearcats are in the final four for Lawrence, in which case room will be made.

Morman's new team also comes complete with another post target, the 6'9" Demetrius Henry. Which obviously adds a layer of intrigue to the proceedings. Henry isn't nearly the player that Lawrence is, but it is going to take a lot to pry Lawrence away from St. Johns and Syracuse, and Henry really is a good back up plan. A really good back up plan who's teammate just happens to be signed, sealed and delivered to one of the schools that have extended him an offer. Can't hurt.

One thing to keep in mind that another big year from Sean Kilpatrick could send him draft-ward, in which case a spot comes open regardless. Its not a pleasant thought, though it is a distinct possibility. If that is the case it is possible, though not likely, that UC can take both Henry and Lawrence, should need be.

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