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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | #110 Tye Keith


Wide Receiver | 1999-02

The turn of the Millenium Bearcats were a team with a bunch of talent, not just on the defensive side of the ball, but on offense as well. Keith was a regular in the receiver rotation for the end of the Deontay Kenner era and the start of Gino Giudugli's long career under center in the red and black.

His final two seasons were the first of the Gino era and he teamed up with John Olinger and LaDaris Vann to form one of the better pass catching trio's in UC history. All three still rank near the top of the receiving charts for catches and yards and each of them had a streak of 26+ games with a reception (Vann's 46 is still the record). Keith was also a pretty good punt return guy, though not quite on the level of Tinker Keck and Co.

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