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Down The Drive Ring of Honor: Introducing the Final Five

As Chris mentioned in the Jump Off this morning the initial round of voting has concluded. So with that in mind it is time to announce who the final five Bearcats in consideration for this very prestigious, entirely made up honor. The top five vote getters are, in no particular order, Connor Barwin, Tony Pike, Mardy Gilyard, Trent Cole and Mike Mickens. All this week we will be running profiles on these five individuals detailing what made them so special to Bearcat Nation. On Friday we will open up the voting for the Down the Drive Ring of Honor to you guys. The poll will remain open until midnight on Thursday the 1st of September. The winner will be announced on Friday the 2nd of September. Stay tuned for the first profile later today.

Down The Drive Ring of Honor Nominees

Conor Barwin; Jack of all Trades

Tony Pike; Potential Fulfilled, at the Last Second

Mardy Gilyard; Cincinnati's Dreadlocked Hero

Trent Cole, Cincinnati's Big Game Hunter

Mike Mickens: The Pick Six King