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BCS Commissioners Have a Playoff Outline

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It is no surprise that a four team playoff is coming to college football. It has literally been coming for a decade, really decades. But until today no one had any idea what it would look like. More accurately everyone had an idea of what it would/should look like. Part of the problem with the system is that everyone has their own ideas and is fighting for their own naked self interest. But today a basic agreement was reached on what the playoff system will actually look like. The bullet points

  • Best four teams
  • There will be a selection committee
  • Said committee will have a preference for conference champions

All things considered this is the best possible outcome for the Big East and obviously for the Bearcats. Nothing really changes. Going undefeated would be the best possible way to assure yourself a chance at the championship. It will be very hard for a one loss or more Big East team to get into the top four, but that was true before hand.

The far more relevant questions for the Big East remain to be answered. First and foremost how does the money from the final four get split up. The conferences with teams in the final four will obviously get the lions share of the money, which I have no problem with. But the other conferences will get a cut of the pie, essentially a bribe for them to agree to the scheme. How big a slice is the key.

Secondly how is the committee selected. I don't have a ton of concerns about partiality of said committee. Its obviously a tough job. But in most years the top four teams are fairly clear cut by the end of the year. There will be controversy every year with the last team. But that is secondary to how the money is divided up.

Both of those issues need to be hashed out in the coming weeks. Nothing will be set in stone until July but it is good to at least know what the rough structure of the final four will be.

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