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Michigan Athlete Jaleel Canty Calls It For the Bearcats

This is becoming depressingly common but I am a day late on this. Jaleel Canty from Everett High School in Lansing Michigan has committed to the Bearcats yesterday evening. In doing so he became the second Michigan High Schooler to commit to the Bearcats in a matter of weeks.*

*The other being Isaiah Gourdine from Farmington Hills

Canty is one of several players to receive an offer based off his performance at the Friday Night Lights camp. Canty received his offer from the Bearcats on the 25th and obviously didn't wait long to make a decision. It will be interesting to see where Butch Jones winds up playing Canty at the college level. For Everret he plays all over the field as a running back and slot receiver on offense and as a defensive back as well. Long term he is probably better suited to play as a field corner but he has the potential to thrive as a slot as well. Highlights after the jump.

And bonus 7 on 7 highlights from this summer.

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