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Munchie Legaux Is The Bearcats QB, Most Boring QB Competition Ever Ends

Butch Jones has is starter and its Munchie Legaux. It was all along (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Butch Jones has is starter and its Munchie Legaux. It was all along (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Munchie Legaux has been named the Bearcats starter for the season opener against Pitt. It is a move that has sent shock waves reverberating through the ether for people who don't really follow college football, or conversely, who never knew that someone had been named Munchie.

Legaux was always the inevitable heir apparent to Zach Collaros, even if he will just function as a bridge between the Collaros era and the one that comes after (be it Bennie Coney/Trenton Norvell/Patrick Coyne). Munchie would always start the Pitt game, that has been the operating assumption around these parts since the end of the Liberty Bowl.There are concerns, yes. But there are always concerns with a new QB, particularly in this case where the skill sets of the outgoing and incoming have almost no overlap.

But Munchie is the choice, flawed though he may be, over Brendon Kay for three really simple reasons. For a start he has experience. Not garbage time mop up experience, though he has some of that as well, but live game reps in games that matter. Brendon Kay has played in just 9 games and attempted 13 passes. He is the Senior yes, but he has the experience of a freshman. Thats not really his fault, a combination of injuries and two guys named Tony and Zach served to bury his career before he started. As a staff Bajakian and Jones couldn't really bet on Kay being able to complete a season, afterall he has never had a season without some sort of injury.

But the biggest reason Munchie is getting the job is that you can simply do more with Munchie as the quarterback than can be done with Kay. By all accounts Kay was more consistent than Legaux in the passing game throughout Spring and into fall camp. But Kay is not a dynamic player, and that quality is something that is going to be desperately needed this year with Isaiah Pead out of the picture. Pead who made all the big plays at the big moments throughout the year.

There is no guarantee that Munchie will be as successful as the three guys who came before him. But then again he is a different kind of quarterback. A guy who has far more in common with Deontay Kenner than Tony Pike, and thats fine. Jones and Bajakian are smart enough to make that work. This is also the point to remind everyone that this offensive staff has big ties to Rich Rodriguez and thus his style of play. I still feel that is the direction the offense goes with Munchie under Center. Though it will be just 9 days before we all find out.

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