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Site News | Welcome Dominick Goodman To Down The Drive



We interrupt your regularly scheduled freak out about Notre Dame to bring you another urgent and terrifying news story. OK so it is not terrifying in the least. The news that I have for you all is that Dominick Goodman, Bearcat great, and # 18 on the 125 for 125 list , has joined Down the Drive as a contributor.

The Wizard will be writing weekly columns for Down the Drive about this Bearcats season. These columns will be starting either this week, or next week, (that is still being worked out). They will be running on Thursdays for the rest of the season. I am really excited about this addition to the site, and I hope that you are as enthusiastic about this as I am. So in conclusion I encourage all members to welcome Goodie to the Down The Drive. I think we are all looking forward to what he has coming for us.

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