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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | #18 Dominick Goodman


Wide Receiver | Letters 2005-08

The Wiazard ya'll. There were a lot of people who benefited from the change between Mark Dantonio and Brian Kelly, but no one benefited more than Goodman who went from being the best wide receiver on a team that didn't even use the wide receiver to the star man in a passing system that was built, almost entirely, around the vertical passing game.

He became the steady outlet opposite the more dynamic and mercurial Mardy Gilyard, and he thrived in that role. He made the hard plays. Goodie went over the middle against safeties who wanted to do nothing but tear his head off. Goodman wasn't blessed with a ton of speed, but he was a technician running routes and he had the best hands on the team for basically his entire career. A career which saw him leave with the school records for catches, yards and receiving TD's in his hands. Not bad for a guy who was going to play Basketball in college before UC offered.

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