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Cincinnati Bearcats Finalize 2012-13 Basketball Schedule


The Bearcats Basketball schedule is officially set. Who UC plays has been set for a while, it has just been a question of when and where for most of the games, the Big East games in particular. The entire thing is available in a handy PDF form here courtesy of Here are five quick observations.

--The Bearcats play just two home games over the final three weeks of the season. The final five games go like this; @ UConn, @ Notre Dame, UConn, @ Louisville, USF. If this team under performs this season and needs a final statement win that stretch could cause some issues.

-- For the second straight year the Bearcats open Big East play at Pitt. Last year it was on New Years day, this year its New Years Eve.

--UC has an interesting three game homestand in the middle of Big East play. From Febuary 2nd through the 9th the Bearcats will host Pitt, Villanova and Georgetown. Thats three potentially huge games in 8 games, all at home. Interesting indeed.

-- 15 games will be broadcast nationally on either an ESPN station (2, U etc.) and a solitary game against Notre Dame on CBS

--Really excited that the Bearcats first game in the Global Sports Invatational is against Iowa State and The Mayor, Fred Hoiberg.

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