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Cincinnati Bearcats Picked 4th In Inagural Pre Season AAC Poll

Sean Kilpatrick was also named to the first team of the pre season team.


Pre Season Poll

1 Louisville

2 Connecticut

3 Memphis

4 Cincinnati

5 Temple

6 Southern Methodist

7 Houston

8 South Florida

9 Central Florida

10 Rutgers

First Team

Sean Kilpatrick -- Cincinnati

Joe Jackson -- Memphis

Russ Smith -- Louisville

Chane Behanon -- Louisville

Shabazz Napier -- Connecticut

Second Team

Isiah Sykes -- Central Florida

Ryan Boatright -- Connecticut

TaShawn Thomas -- Houston

Montrez Harrell -- Louisville

Anthony Collins -- South Florida

Victor Rudd -- South Florida

Unsurprisingly Russ Smith was named as the pre season player of the year. Keith Frazier of Southern Methodist was named the rookie of the year.