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Mick Cronin Promises A Faster Pace! For Real This Time

This is becoming something of a traditional part of the Bearcats pre season coverage. Mick Cronin will give an interview in which he says that this year, this glorious year, will finally be the one where the Bearcats push the pace offensively. They are going to press and swarm, play 10 guys and generally be frantic on both sides of the ball. And then the season starts and the Bearcats rank somewhere between 200th and 300th in possessions per 40 minutes. This time is different. For real!


From Jon Rothstein

"We're hoping to have a lot more possessions in our games because we're going to be able to sustain our press" Cronin said. "The biggest change for us is going to be pressing and the ability to bring full-court pressure the entire game. We're going to play 10 or 11 guys."

Music to my ears. I am simply sick and tired of watching UC walk the ball up the court to start offensive possessions. Its a waste of time. Granted, we have heard this refrain before from Mick Cronin, in each of the last three off seasons, and yet the Bearcats have not ranked better than 200th in posessions per 40 minutes in any season since 2009-10, and even then it was barely as the Cats finished 199th.

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