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Bearcat Links Of The Day; Gearing Up For Rutgers

A lot of new ahead of the Bearcats all important clash with the Scarlet Knights

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports


Rutgers coach Kyle Flood says RB Paul James won't be on 'pitch count' ||

Flood said that James won't be on a "pitch count" Saturday against Cincinnati. Flood believes James is 100 percent healthy so there are no plans to ease him back into action. Flood likes to ride a running back if he gets hot, and it sounds like James will have the opportunity to show he's back to form on Saturday.

Rutgers' Leonte Carroo continues to be quite the catch ||

The numbers say it should have happened already. Heading into Saturday’s game against Cincinnati, Rutgers’ sophomore wide receiver, in his first season as a starter, leads the team in receptions with 24 and receiving yards with 455. His nine touchdown catches – eight in the fourth quarter or in overtime – are one shy of the school’s single-season record.

The Numerical, Week 11: Utah almost gave Arizona State the Stanford treatment -

They also lost to No. 67 Illinois (45-17) and No. 99 USF (26-20). So basically, against teams ranked better than 80th, Cincy has been outscored, 66-51. And against teams ranked between 81st and 100th, Cincy has been outscored, 51-48. Obviously 87th feels a little low to me, but ... not very much. This team is not good, which disappoints me considering my preseason expectations.

The good news is that Houston and Louisville are both ranked in the top 50, wins in those contests will certainly gas the ratings upward.

Basketball Signing Day

UC recruits to 'replenish front line' ||

"Quadri is a big body who can really shoot and stretch the defense," Davis said. "Clark is an athletic wing that can shoot and drive the ball. Corie’s a power guy that can finish around the basket and can make a 15-footer. They’re all highly rated kids. We’re tickled to death."


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