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Bearcats and Scarlet Knights, For The Last Time

The Cincinnati Bearcats make their final trip to the Garden State to take on the State University of New Jersey.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

I might as well cop to it, I am going to miss Rutgers. I am not exactly going to revel in their coming struggles in the Big 10, because they are clearly coming. So I am going to really enjoy the this final forray into Jersey, unless this game takes an awkward turn.

This is a game that the Bearcats should win. They are a slight, if underwhelming, 1 point favorite at the time of this writing. It is theoretically possible for the Bearcats to muddle through the early phases of this game and still come out with a victory. But for once I would like this team to fire on all cylinders for 60 minutes. It has to happen at least once this season doesn't it?

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