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More Nippert Rennovation Renderings

Earlier this week the UC athletic department issued another round of renderings for the renovation of Nippert Stadium which will begin in roughly a month. The new structure (press box / penthouse / luxury seating vehicle?) is shaping up to be worthy of its lofty architectural surroundings.

For all of the constraints that come with building in a space as condensed as the east side of Nippert Stadium is the new building looks suitably stunning. As has been the case with almost every major building project of the last 30 years The University of Cincinnati Office of Planning, Design and Construction played a part in shaping the design. The Architect of Record is Heery International of Atlanta, the firm who built the Georgia Dome among other projects.

The most important thing about the new structure is the way that it fits in with the surrounding environment. It has long been said that DAAP runs UC, and while that is usually said it jest, you would be hard pressed to argue that its a bad thing. High standards come with a price, but that price will get knocked down every time someone walks down Main Street and has their jaw hit the ground the first time they see New Nippert.

There is still some design work to be finalized, mostly on the east side. Whit Babcock expects that to be concluded by February, but the shovel hits the dirt on the west side in three or so weeks. Exciting times.

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