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Bearcat Links Of The Day; Texas Down To Two

Bearcats everywhere turn their eyes to Austin where the two biggest long range questions, can anyone (but probably Oliver Luck) convince the Big 12 powers that be that expansion is in their best interest. If it is Luck can the Bearcats hold on to Whit Babcock.

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The Eyes of Texas

Are squarely on Arizona State AD Steve Patterson and West Virginia AD Oliver Luck. Those are the two finalists for the job being vacated by DeLoss Dodds. Many, many Bearcat dominoes are arrayed around the Texas AD job. The Bearcats could wind up being out an athletic director but heading into a much, much better situation conference wise. But it is just as likely that the Bearcats keep Whit Babcock but are stuck in the AAC. Interesting times.

In the event that Luck does take over Dodds chair in Austin and West Virginia finds themselves in need of an athletic director Whit Babcock is probably not at the top of the list. that distinction goes to current Oregon AD, and Morgantown native, Rob Mullens. Why would anyone turn down Uncle Phil's blank check to go live and work in Morgantown? Because blood is thicker than water. Mullens has his undergraduate and graduate degrees from WVU, and is just generally tied to the place. If I were him I wouldn't make that move, but I am not him. Regardless I would expect WVU to make a run at Mullens before moving down the list. Whit being relatively high on the "down the list" part of things.

Football News

UC's Zach Edwards shining on Bearcats' defense ||

"He has football sense," Tuberville said. "We needed somebody like him to come around that could help pretty much a young secondary. He’s become a good tackler, and that was going to the knock on him from spring practice. He’s gotten better each week."

At this point, what can you say about Zach Edwards that hasn't been said. He is playing far beyond his years.

UC expects more than 30K for SMU game || UC Athletics Blog

The University of Cincinnati expects more than 30,000 fans for its football game against SMU on Saturday (12:08 p.m.) at Nippert Stadium, UC senior associate AD Desiree Reed-Francois said. UC is averaging 31,864 fans per home game this season, the program’s best average at Nippert since the record average of 33,957 in 2009.

So much for attendance falling off a cliff with the new conference. Make no mistake though, the cliff is always there, lurking. Really atypical behaviour for a sheer rock face.

Rutgers TV and Time || Bearcats Blog

I'll post the full press release from the American in a second, but first the league also announced the kick time and TV for the Rutgers game on November 16. You obviously guessed it was a noon game. What you might not have guessed is that it's going to be on ESPNews.

Yea, noon kickoff

Other Bearcat News

The women's basketball team picked up a win in their exhibition opener...Women's soccer got bounced in the AAC tournament quarterfinals...former Bearcat Omar Cummings levels MLS playoff tie for the Houston Dynamo...Lance Stephenson says he's staying with the Pacers and he is going to get paid, and it will be awesome. Maybe not Mario Baloteli level awesome but still awesome.

Videos Of Interest


this picture of campus found its way to the front page of reddit...Hannah Simone Cece from New Girl answered a question using a Gif of herself from her TV show. New life goal alert...Net Nuetrality was fun while it lasted but it won't last for long...This is so NSFW

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