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Bearcats Top North Carolina Central 74-61, Move To 1-0

It was not very pretty at times, but the Bearcats overcame a slow start to take the lead midway through the first half. It was a lead that was never relinquished en route to a 13 point win over a pretty good NCC team.

Jamie Sabau

As alway with opening night, there were more than a few mistakes. The turnovers seemed endemic at times, though UC only wound up with 12 for the game, which doesn't seem to be an unreasonable amount. Defensive lapses were frequent, and the offense was of the "Stand around with the ball in your hand waiting for the defense to evaporate before hoisting a bad jumper" genus. You know, Cincinnati basketball.

But Sean Kilpatrick did some Sean Kilpatrick things, the defense found its groove in the first half and was generally suffocating for the remainder. The offense showed some flashes of solid ball movement and decent spot up shooting. There are things to build on, even if the start was less than encouraging, and it was. This is a solid start, but we find out what this team is made of on Tuesday against the Wolfpack of North Carolina State, 98-77 winners over App State.

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