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JDIII To Transfer

Sophomore Jeremiah Davis III has decided to leave the UC basketball program and transfer to be closer to his family.

It's not a surprise by any stretch of the imagination that Jeremiah Davis III is transferring from the basketball program.  The combination of lack of playing time and family crisis has led to this decision.

In case you did not know, a fire destroyed his family's home back in Muncie, Indiana shortly before Thanksgiving leaving the family homeless for a stretch.  They had to spend several days in a hotel and their house may not be repaired for six months.  This no doubt put added stress on JDIII as he tried to compete for playing time and continue going to school as well as try to keep tabs on how his family was as they struggled through the holiday.

It was becoming quite evident he was not going to see much game time over the rest of his UC career as he was passed by freshmen Troy Caupain and Kevin Johnson as (current) backups to Ge'Lawn Guyn at point guard and Sean Kilpatrick at shooting guard respectively.  And with Deshaun Morman eligible next year who knows where Davis would be on the depth chart.  On a strictly basketball decision I think this is a wise move for Jeremiah.

As for his remaining eligibility he unfortunately will be at the mercy of the almighty NCAA.  He's already burned his redshirt year due to the wrist injury the kept him out last year.  It will be interesting to see if he gets any time back due to family hardship.  You just never know with them.

Obviously we wish nothing but the best for Jeremiah and his family and hope they bounce back quickly and hopefully he finds a new program where he can still be on scholarship and vie for playing time.