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Well That Was Whatever The Opposite Of Fun Is

Once again the Bearcats offensive woes come back in full force.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

This is going to be a long season. That was always a possibility about this season, anytime you lose a couple of guys like Jaquon Parker and Cashmere Wright and start fresh with a brand new cast of unproven and young players the road will be rocky.

The hope was that Sean Kilpatrick would smooth over the transition a bit, and that guys who played limited roles in previous seasons would adapt well to the bright lights. Five weeks into the season that dream lays shattered and broken at our collective feet. Where do we go from here? You turn the freshman lose, play Kevin Johnson, Jermaine Lawrence and especially Troy Caupain as much as possible and let them learn from this year. The NCAA tournament streak will end, but that is beside the point.