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Cincinnati Giving Away Keg(s) of Nails

In case you needed a little extra incentive to get to Nippert early other than, you know, wanting to be in your seat for kickoff you have it. The Bearcats are going to be giving away a replica Keg of Nails to the first 5,000 people to enter Nippert Stadium

Here is the UC release.

"The Keg of Nails rivalry is one that I’ve heard about for a long time", said Tommy Tuberville, Bearcats Football Head Coach. "It is an important game for our student-athletes, our coaches, our fans, and our city."

in case you were wondering about the process.

Gates to Nippert Stadium will open at 6:00pm. The first 5,000 fans who enter Nippert Stadium on Thursday night will receive a wristband that equates to one replica Keg of Nails. Beginning at the start of the fourth quarter, fans will be able to collect their Keg of Nails on Sheakley Lawn, located between Marge Schott Stadium (baseball stadium) and Nippert Stadium. Only those fans with wristbands are able to claim a limited edition Keg of Nails so there is no need to exit Nippert Stadium before the end of the game. Fans are encouraged to stay until the end of the game and then proceed to Sheakley Lawn to claim their giveaway, provided they have a wristband.

I forsee a problem with this, namely letting people collect them before the end of the game. We all know why that is a problem. Still, cool promotion and a great idea from the marketing team. I expect every down the drive reader who gets one to tweet me pictures of themselves or their friends doing a keg of nails stand. Its how you celebrate winning this game if you are a Bearcat.