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Tar Heels To Watch: James Hurst

Offensive Line play, and thus offensive linemen are never really a topic for polite conversation. Their contributions are rarely individual in nature, and thus nearly impossible to quantify. But that doesn't lessen their importance. That will be clear tomorrow where one of the most important match ups of the game will take place in radio silence.

Streeter Lecka

That battle is going to be waged between James Hurst, a former all everything recruit and a guy who looks likely to be spending the next 5 to 10 years playing along the offensive line in the NFL. He will be matched up with Silveberry Mouhon, Brad Harrah and company. Silverberry and Harrah in particular are guys with NFL aspirations, and the tools to get there if they can continue to progress at their respective paces.

Hurst isn't exactly a made man in NFL circles, but he is former five start recruit who became a freshman All American, and eventually a multiple time all conference performer. Hurst is by far the best and most talented lineman the Bearcats front has faced in 2013.

If the Bearcats defensive ends have ambitions for the next level showing well against Hurst will go a long way towards one, or perhaps both of the Bearcats young ends making waves in NFL circles. Afterall NFL scouts are just as concerned with how you perform against likely NFL players, and Hurst fits the bill, ask Jadeveon Clowney.

Time to go to work boys.