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Eddie Gran To Interview For FAU Job

Wednesday of next week. Could be a big loss for the Bearcats, certainly bigger than anyone could have predicted in September.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

That coming from the Sun Sentinel and their FAU beat writer. For FAU Gran makes sense, he has spent his entire professional life recruiting South Florida with Tommy Tuberville at Ole Miss and Auburn, and in his stint at Florida State as well. Part of the appeal for Gran in taking the job was that he was passed over for head coaching jobs in the past, Arkansas State in particular, because of a lack of coordinator experience. He has that now, and its not like he flailed about with the Bearcats. The learning curve was steep at first, but it has really leveled off and the offense is humming heading into the biggest game of the year. I would like to see Gran come back for another year to really fine tune this offense. But if they offer the job he will almost certainly take it. In which case my non binding, non mattering vote on the issue goes to Darrin Hinshaw.