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Five Thoughts: Bearcat Freshmen Make Summer League Debut

All of this should be filed away in your memory with a grain of salt so large that it would have enabled a Roman legionaire to retire to a nice tuscan villa. It is just summer league, very little defense is played, and not much can be used to project it forward to the season. For what its worth this is the boxscore, and my completely igrnorant observations.

1: I really, really hope that Deshaun Morman can qualify acadeimically. He is ridiculously athletic, and can get to the rim seemingly at will. What's more he looks ready physically. That is going to be a huge advantage for him if he is able to get eligible. College Basketball is a grind, and the only guy who looks the part physically is Morman.

2: Jermaine Lawrence is listed on the leauge website at 220 pounds. He is almost certainly not 220 pounds, 200 pounds seems more accurate. Lawrence was all over the place on Saturday. He shot 30 per cent from the field, but was 4 of 4 on free throws. He ended up posting 10 and 9 with 4 steals and 6 turnovers. But the best thing about Lawrence is that he is a big guy who can do something with the ball, UC had exactly zero of those a year ago.

3: Troy Caupian is coming for Ge'Lawn Guyn's job. He always seemed to be in control and plays smart ball. By most accounts he is great at controlling the pace of the game.

4: Kevin Johnson might have the most complete offensive game of the incoming freshmen. His handle is excellent, he is a better athlete than I remember and best of all for a team that shot 31 percent on jumpers last year he is a good shooter from the mid range on out.

5: Many had high hopes for Jamaree Strickland, but the game was too fast for him on Saturday. He only played 16 minutes posting 4 and 4. My kneejerk reaction would be that he needs to redshirt this year, but I am not sure that Mick has that option.