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Arkansas Mekale McKay Transferring to Cincinnati

The 6'6" 195 pound McKay should give the Bearcats a big vertical presence, whenever it is that he becomes eligible. There are rumors that the reason that McKay is transferring is to be closer to an ill relative. I have tried to get that confirmed, but I haven't been able to at the time of this writing. He will apply for a waiver to be eligible this season.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Though his case for a waiver is probably not helped by Brett Bielema saying that the reason he is transferring is dissatisfaction with the offense. Somewhat understandable for a kid who thought he was going to be playing in Bobby Petrino's system and winds up playing Beilema Ball instead. I can not begin to discern is motivations, but this is what I do know.

McKay struggled with injuries this spring, and his lack of run had something to do with his not being listed on the post spring depth chart. This despite being the leading receiver returning in terms of targets, catches, yards and TD's. A look at his advanced metrics paint a boom or bust picture, not uncommon for a freshman. When he caught the ball he averaged 15 yards a pop, but he caught just under 54 per cent of his targets, so his yards per target is a 8.1 which is fine, but not outstanding. Still boom or bust is fine, and something that UC has been actively looking for.