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Mekale McKay Granted Hardship Waiver, Eligible To Play 2013

The Bearcats promised to have a strong receiving crew this season. Between returning slot man Anthony McClung, a bevy of exciting youngsters like Chris Moore, Jeremy Graves and a junior in Alex Chisum looking to bounce back from a somewhat disappointing sophomore season. There is a lot to like, its an interesting if unproven group. Now there is even more to like now that Mekale McKay has been cleared to play this year.

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Wesley Hitt

In a rare NCAA ruling that has gone in UC's favor McKay has been granted a hardship waiver and will suit up against Purdue. Tommy Tuberville summed up why he put in the hardship waiver when it was first announced that McKay was coming to UC.

"Sometimes you get a hardship. His grandmother who raised him has got a lot of issues with her heart so we’ll put a hardship in. That had a lot to do with him coming this way so he could get closer to home. Sometimes the NCAA does a few things right. Hopefully this is one of them."

It is indeed one of them. McKay has been practicing with the team, but he hasn't got a ton of reps with the first group. I am not expecting him to light it up from day one, but his being cleared to play is obviously a huge benefit to UC this season, even though it might not pay dividends immediately. The one thing that the Bearcats didn't have was that big target man in the red zone. Consider that box checked.

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