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Cincinnati Bearcats Official Roster Released

As always, there are a few surprises.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Lets start with, perhaps, the best news of all. Johnny Holton is enrolled and on campus. For most of the process Holton was considered a long shot to qualify, but he put in the work this summer and has been accepted and enrolled at the University of Cincinnati. All that is left is for him to pass the clearinghouse to be eligible for the Bearcats this year.

Another positive surprise is that Eric Wilson, the oft rummored Northwestern transfer is on campus and ready to go. He will not be eligible this year, but he should help immensely to fill the gaps at linebacker next year as Greg Blair takes his talents to the NFL.

As discussed previously Rasheen Jones, the most decorated athlete in the 2013 class did not pass muster academically and will not join the team. I have not been able to find him in the NJCAA data base of signees, which leads me to believe he is going to a prep school. Hargrave Military Academy would seem like an obvious place for Tubs to try and stash him, but there is no updated roster for the grave so lets call this a mystery.

Korey Cunningham will start out his career on the defensive line, Mike Tyson is starting out at safety, Javon Harrison starts at receiver. Call it a hunch, but I don't think any of these guy sticks in those positions for their entire careers. They are all too versatile for that.

Here is the list of the numbers of all incoming freshmen

5 -- Mark Barr

5 -- Aaron Brown

7 -- Mike Tyson

13 -- Grant Coleman*

18 -- Tyler Cogswell

20 -- Tshumbi Johnson

22 -- Zach Edwards

32 -- Zach Higgenbotham*

34 -- Tim Helton

37 -- Lindsay Crook

39 -- Kyle Nutter*

55 -- Andrew Gantz

56 -- Mark Wilson

58 -- Sam Geraci*

64 -- Will Steur*

66 -- Garrett Campbell*

66 -- David Niehaus*

67 -- Kyle Williamson

77 -- Ben Flick

83 -- Chris Burton

85 -- Travis Johnson

87 -- Javon Harrison

89 -- Korey Cunningham

*preferred walk ons

Travis Johnson gets Brent Celek's old number, Korey Cunningham gets Connor Barwin's, no pressure kids.

The transfers

8 -- Gunner Kiel

16 -- Jake Golic

23 -- Eric Wilson

65 -- Tyreek Burwell

95 -- Terrell Hartsfield

97 -- Marques Aiken

99 -- Jerrell Jordan