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Cincinnati Bearcats Move To Higher Ground

Today the Cincinnati Bearcats football team completed its annual move to the Higher Ground Conference and Retreat Center* in West Harrison, Indiana. UC will be there for the next two weeks and will return to campus on the 23rd of August, 8 days before the season kicks off against Purdue. What better time than now to take a look at what has transpired so far this week. * Props to the people at higher ground for including a picture of a beagle on the front page, these people clearly know how the internet works.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Luc Running With The Two's

During the last two days of practice in shells Luc was running with the 2's while Clemente Casseus was with the starting group. No idea what is going on here. No disrespect to Casseus, but I don't think he is a threat to take Luc's job, not when Luc was so far ahead at the end of spring. It is something to keep an eye on going forward. The first scrimmage of camp is Sunday, perhaps that will shed some more light on the situation.

Leviticus Payne Making A Move

Payne was listed with Trenier Orr as a co starter coming into camp, but he seems to have separated himself a bit. That being said, there have been exactly zero full contact practices. Make of that what you will.

Lindsay Crook Picked Up A Knock

Australian import Lindsay Crook took all of a day to pick up his first injury. Crook injured his knee on the first day of practice and has not practiced again. He was spotted on crutches on Tuesday. I do not know if he is still on crutches currently.

QB Competition Still "Open"

But there isn't a soul who thinks that Munchie has any chance to recapture the job he lost in the Syracuse game. He still has trouble throwing the ball with any accuracy and is the interception throwing leader in the clubhouse. Kay will start, and Bennie Coney seems a safe bet to get the nod to back him up.

Video Dump is doing a much better jump making the stuff they produce available to the masses, and by masses I mean YouTube. Some of the finery below.