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Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart For Northwestern State

The big changes promised by Tommy Tuberville don't really show up in the published depth chart.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

LT: Eric Lefeld, Cory Keebler

LG: Austen Bujnoch, Kevin Schlormer

C: Deyshawn Bond, Sam Longo

RG: Sam Longo --or-- Andre Cureton

RT: Parker Ehinger, Justin Murray

TE: Blake Annen, D.J. Dowdy

WR: Max Morrison, Mekale McKay

WR: Shaq Washington, Anthony McClung

WR: Chris Moore, Jeremy Graves

QB: Brendon Kay, Bennie Coney

RB: Ralph David Abernathy IV, Hosey Williams

FB: Jared Golden, Kyle Nutter

The only real changes from the offense are that Sam Longo is now the back up center and that Brendon Kay is the starting QB. Everyone knew that was coming, ditto for Bennie Coney now being the back up. Something tells me that the changes promised by Tommy Tuberville will be in the skill positions.

DE: Silverberry Mouhon, Chad West

DT: Jordan Stepp, Marques Aiken

DT: Mitch Meador, Brandon Mitchell

DE: Brad Harrah, Terrell Hartsfield

SLB: Nick Temple, Corey Mason

MLB: Greg Blair, Solomon Tentman

WLB: Jeff Luc, Clemente Casseus


S: Adrian Witty, Andre Jones

S: Arryn Chenault, Zach Edwards

CB: Howard Wilder, Grant Coleman

Howard Wilder starts with Trenier Orr out with injury. Wilder had a rocky start, but he played pretty well in the second half against Illinois once he got settled.