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Bearcats Start Slow, Recover To Score Three Straight TD's, Lead 21-0 In The Second

The defense forced a pair of three and outs and the offense recovered from a sloppy start to lead at the end of one

The Bearcats got a big run from Ralph David Abernathy IV on the first scoring drive after Anthony McClung really DERP'd up a punt return that was called a fumble, despite not touching it. The RDA4 run was quickly followed by a big pass to Jared Golden that covered 30 plus yards. The drive was capped with a Chris Moore TD catch.

The Bearcats have really gotten good production from the passing game. Blake Annen came up with a big catch and run against Cover 4 which took the Bearcats down inside the 5. Hosey Williams capped the drive with a TD. The Bearcats just got a big TD from Mekale McKay who is having a bigger and bigger role by the game.

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