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Bearcats Return To Nippert

UC comes back to Nippert Stadium to face off against Northwestern Stat.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

This is a game that is not really about the results. I want UC to win the game, that goes without saying. But most of all the Bearcats need to play a game of Football that makes sense. That was not the case against Illinois where UC played conservative defense and disjointed offense.

Even in the win against Purdue the Bearcats approach didn't always make sense. A part of that is on the coaches who didn't really know how these players would respond in a game situations, or what their ideal spots would be. With two games under everyones belt, and a host of players shuffled in and out of the lineup hopefully the coaches have a better sense of all that.

This is a game the Bearcats should win, comfortably. UC has more talent and depth, particularly up front, and that will come to bear at some point. I just want to see the Bearcats look cohesive, particularly on offense.

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