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Illinois Shocks Bearcats 45-17

Bottom line, you can't hope to win against competent teams playing two halves of Football. The Bearcats have talent, but they aren't talented enough to play half a game and get away with it.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

I don't care about the refs blowing two calls which, had either gone in the Bearcats favor, may have shifted the momentum to UC. But that is beside the point. The Bearcats did not show up in the first half, were completely played by Bill Cubit, who may or may not be a wizard with what he has done with this level of talent at Illinois.

The Fighting Illini played exceptionally today, but that doesn't change the fact that UC was not ready to play this game today. The Bearcats have a chance to regroup against Northwestern State and Miami the week after, but nothing is certain with this team at this point. I can't think of two more divergent performances to start a season in recent memory. Not looking forward looking back at this game.

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