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Bearcats Tight Ends Coach and Special Teams Coordinator Tyson Helton To WKU

The Bearcats have already said goodbye to two members of last years coaching staff, while bringing in one new face in Jeff Koonz. There will also be some changes to the offensive staff.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Helton the Bearcats tight ends coach and special teams coordinator will be joining Jeff Brohm's staff at Western Kentucky as the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator.

On the one hand, losing the coordinator of what was, by far, the Bearcats worst special teams unit since the late Rick Minter era at is not a bad thing. UC wound up being ranked 123rd in Football Outsiders special teams rankings, and 118th by Phil Steele. In no uncertain terms the Bearcats special teams were a disaster, and having the man with the special teams coordinator title next to his name isn't the worst thing in the world.

On the flip side I really liked what he did with the tight ends and full backs this year. Blake Annen was never going to replicate the season that Travis Kelce had a year ago (who could?), but he had a very solid senior season and even bagged all conference honors. Helton was a good position coach, and something much less as a special teams coach . At this point I think we all know what Tommy Tuberville wants in his tight ends coach, recruiting.