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Here We Go Again; Eddie Gran To Interview With UAB

Just when we thought that the Bearcats would get through an off season without losing both coordinators the UAB job opened up and Eddie Gran is a hot name for the spot and will interview.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This according to

Current Cincinnati offensive coordinator Eddie Gran will interview for the UAB head coaching vacancy later this week, according to a source.

For UAB Gran makes a ton of sense. He spent nearly a decade in Alabama at Auburn, has been coaching in the south for all of his career. Most of that coming in the SEC. He also has extensive South Florida ties, which is a must for a program like UAB which flies so far under the radar they might as well not be on it.

Which is why Gran leaving for UAB would be a strange career move. The job is as liable to extinguish a head coaching career as jump start it. Gran has waited a very long time for a head coaching opportunity, so on the one hand him taking the job is defensible. On the other hand he has waited this long, what is it to wait another year or two for the right job?