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Bearcats and Mustangs Preview

In a match up between two teams, neither of which plays defense, and only one of which plays offense things should tip in the direction of the team with the offense. But that is just a theory.

Joel Auerbach

The Cincinnati Bearcats and the SMU Mustangs combined are giving up, on average, 1,130 yards of offense per game on about 7.1 yards per play. I tend to think that total yardage stats are next to meaningless, but the per play data is far more relevant. By any measures this is going to be a game for the offenses.

The problem with that for an idea is that it is based on the concept of both offenses being competent. UC is competent, SMU is not. If ever there was a game where the Bearcats offense could manage to sprint away from an opponent, as opposed to sprinting after an opponent this would, theoretically, be it.

But that is big as assumptions go. With this defense, and this defensive coordinator nothing is assured. But if they can't manage to look at least competent on defense against SMU....then this really is going to be a lost season. I don't think that will happen. My guess is that the Bearcats do whatever they want in the passing game and keep someone under 500 yards for the first time since the Miami game.