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Tommy Tuberville Presser News and Notes

All of the relevant news and notes from yesterday afternoon's press conference.

-- Interesting note on Tubs injury policy. A player must be full go in two of the three contact practices in order to be able to play. Seems logical

-- "Ohio State is the fastest, biggest and quickest team that we will play" True

-- "We will have to have a heck of a gameplan to win some, if any, matchups"

-- Going to make some position changes, also going to play, and I quote, "some of the young guys." Interesting timing there Tubs

-- This game will be a measuring stick for the lines on both sides of the ball. It is this staff's second year so the expectations are higher, this will be the first time the get to see where they are at. It should be noted that Toledo's offensive line is better than Ohio State's in execution, but not talent. But this is the best defensive line UC will see.

-- Still battling with communication issues between the safeties and the cornerbacks. That's obviously suboptimal but obvious to anyone who has watched the last two games.

-- "We haven't played a third quarter this year" Yup

-- His comment's about Gunner Kiel pressing trying to make plays that maybe aren't there are really interesting to me. I think the best thing about Gunner is that his mental attitude to the game is best defined by his first name. He is, 100 percent a Gunner, for better or worse.

-- I gather that Tommy Tuberville is not a huge fan of sub 1 minute drives, of which the Bearcats have had six so far this season.

-- The Bearcats communications shouldn't be affected by the crowd noise. Everything from the coaches is communicated to the players via hand signals. Where that can have an impact is communications between players. We are looking at you, secondary.

-- Its really fascinating to hear Tubs talk about who the Bearcats go after in recruiting. I won't even try to paraphrase it. If you did not watch the video skip to the 14:30 mark.