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Cincinnati Bearcats vs South Florida: Television, Radio and Streaming

All of the ways that you can watch tonight's game between the Bearcats and the Bulls of South Florida

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

  • Kickoff: 7PM
  • Television: ESPN2
  • Announcing Crew: Dave Lamont (play by play), Ray Bentley (color analyst)
  • Bearcats Radio: 700 WLW
  • Announcing Crew: Dan Hoard (play by play), Jim Kelly Jr. (color analyst) Tom Gelehrter (sideline reporter
  • South Florida Radio: 98.7 The Fan
  • Announcing Crew: I seriously spent 5 minutes on USF's website trying to find out who their announcing crew is without any luck at all. Top tip; if it takes a groggy, but still functioning, advanced internet user more than 5 minutes to find anything on your site, your site sucks and needs a major overhaul. Or I could have simply missed it.
  • Streaminging: Watch ESPN App /

It will be nice to see the Bearcats back on national television, and for real national television, not CBS Sports Network which might as well not exist for most sports fans. UC has historically had a lot of success playing on Thursday and Friday nights, at least since the 2005 season. We shall see if that will continue against the Bulls.